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Tyco 830PH Addressable Smoke & Heat Detector- 516.830.051


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830PH Dual Smoke & Heat Detector Minerva MX


Brand: TYCO

Part Number: 516.830.051


With the ability to detect a wide range of fires from flaming to smouldering types, the combined optical and heat multi-sensor detector is the preferred choice for a range of applications including light industrial, retail and office environments. It operates in a number of approved modes and sensitivities that can be dynamically selected to suit different environmental conditions.


Key Features:


  • Advanced multi-sensor designs
  • Built-in line isolator (850PH Only)
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Extended drift compensation
  • Two way infra-red communication to the 850EMT Engineering Management Tool
  • Fire, isolate and fault LED indications
  • Any Pantone colour available with CPD approval

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