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Tyco 711H 60 Degree Heat Detector- 516.900.103


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711H 60 Degree Heat Detector


Brand: TYCO

Part Number: 516.900.103


The 711H uses both rate-of-rise and fixed temperature sensing. The 711H is a category A1R heat detector. A1 denotes a static response temperature of 54°C to 65°C (EN54-5). The suffix R denotes a rate-of-rise characteristic, but the fixed element provides a backstop for fires where the temperature builds up gradually.


The 700 series detectors are for use in conventional two wire detection systems, where detectors are normally connected in zones. Each detector samples the ambient air every five seconds and if a fire condition is detected, a signalling current is drawn from the zone causing the Control and Indicating Equipment (fire alarm panel) to provide an alarm response for that zone.


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