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Zenitel VSS-MP Master panel - V2- 1021001100


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VSS-MP VSS Master panel - V2  



Model: VSS-MP

Part Number: 1021001100


The Sound Reception System (VSS-V2) is a navigation aid system required on ships with enclosed bridges. The system allows the officer in charge of the navigational watch to hear sound signals and determine their direction. The VSS-V2 system conforms to MED, ISO14859 and DNV2012 rules.


  • Active noise cancelling and tone detection based on DSP technology
  • Dimmer and adjustable backlight
  • Sector indication via 8 LEDs
  • Central microphone unit with 4 directional microphones for mounting on top of the wheelhouse
  • Max. ambient noise level 70dB
  • Web interface for system operation
  • Output for voyage data recorder
  • Remote muting when typhoon/foghorn or Public Address system is activated
  • Override function to hear unfiltered sound from microphone unit
  • Able to connect up to 4 slave panels
  • NEW: Reverse LED indication functionality. See manual for details. From revision 2.06

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