Woodward RPM Switch DSS2 Base Unit – 1846.4350

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Woodward RPM Switch DSS2 Base Unit – 1846.4350

Brand: Woodward

Part Number: 1846.4350

DSS-2 (Digital Speed Switch, 2-Channel) is a two channel electronic speed switch that combines the convenience of manual adjustments with the flexibility of a computer-based calibration tool. DSS-2 was designed for use on engine applications where it can perform a variety of speed related functions such as starter motor disable and engine overspeed protection. DSS-2 monitors engine rpm via a magnetic pickup (MPU) input and controls two independent relays. Once engine speed exceeds the user selected speed setpoint, the relay will go to the designated set condition. DSS-2 can also be re-configured with the ACT (All-purpose Calibration Tool) to function as an engine auto crank controller or glow plug controller.

DSS-2 has two multi-turn potentiometers for manual speed setpoint adjustment. A computer interface is provided for additional adjustments with the All-purpose Calibration Tool (ACT). Electrical connections consist of thirteen wires and utilize a Euro-style terminal strip. For most applications, DSS-2 can be connected and adjusted with simple hand tools. For more advanced features, the calibration tool provides user-friendly access. Three indicator lamps permit system monitoring and diagnosis without use of additional tools.

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