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Valcom Ultra Sonic Level switch- ASL Series- ASL S 570 N00 N00 A02 F04 D A A13 40 N00 A A1 R


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Valcom Ultra Sonic Level switch – ASL Series 
Brand: Valcom
Model: ASL Series
Part Number: ASL S 570 N00 N00 A02 F04 D A A13 40 N00 A A1 R


ASL instrument is designed for marine and on-land applications for liquid detection, pump control, water ingress alarm systems, overfilling protection on liquids with or without foam.

ASL works on Valcom® proprietary principle of distributed acoustic waves in a metal rod. If the rod is not covered by the liquid the acoustic waves are dispersed freely without any interference.

If liquid covers the rod the emission of acoustic waves is muffled and this interference is picked up by the piezoelectric sensor and converted into an on-off signal. These instruments have no moving parts, no vibration, no optical or capacitive detectors.

They are pure static instruments offering the maximum reliability.
  • Systems in accordance to IMO and Coast Guard for high and overfill alarms on tankers;
  • Water ingress detection on bulkarians;
  • Pipes Overfill detection;
  • System for high- and low-level detection in tanks, wells, etc.

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