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Terasaki S250-NJ 4P 200A FC MCCB Std Type – 312151


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Terasaki S250-NJ 4P 200A FC MCCB Std Type – 312151

Brand: Terasaki

Part Number: 312151

Integrated VTs and CTs monitor current, voltage, instantaneous power, energy, power factor and harmonic currents. Data can be transmitted externally using the modbus protocol. When combined with a three-pole MCCB, the neutral link provides a termination for the neutral conductor at the same pole-pitch and terminal height as the neutral pole of a four-pole MCCB. Shrouds are available separately.

Terasaki CBRs delivers integrated protection from earth leakage faults, overloads and short-circuits in one device. Ideal for the mining industry, temporary site supplies, heavy industry and commercial building use.

TemBreak2 offers:

  • Electronic protection up to 3200A
  • Measurement and data communication
  • Thermal-magnetic protection (fixed and adjustable) up to 800A

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