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Terasaki Motor Mechanism (200-220V) Motor 250AF – 755712


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Category: MCCB

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Terasaki Motor Mechanism (200-220V) Motor 250AF – 755712

Brand: Terasaki
Part Number: 755712


Motor operators provide the possibility of opening and closing an MCCB on application of electrical control signals. TemBreak 2 motor operators are extremely reliable, having been designed to endure the same switching duty as the host MCCB. 

  • Easy field-installation.
  • Fast operation (100ms)
  • Positive contact indication
  • Padlocking facility as standard (Maximum 3, hasp diameter 8mm)
  • Versions available with automatic reset function
  • Voltage presence indication

Motor operators for 125A and 250A frame are mounted on the front of the breaker. They can be rapidly fitted by locating the round pegs and square pegs on the motor into corresponding round and square holes on the breaker. It takes less than 10 seconds to secure the motor to the MCCB. Two levers securely lock the motor into position. No tools are needed to fit the motor operator.

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