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Schneider Standard motor mechanism module MT100/160- LV429434


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Standard motor mechanism module MT100/160, ComPact NSX100/160, 220/240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 208/277 VAC 60 Hz



Part Number: LV429434



This is a standard motor mechanism for Compact NSX 100/160 and PowerPact Multistandard H frame devices that allows automatic device spring-charging. It helps the circuit breaker to feature a high mechanical endurance as well as easy and sure opening or closing operations. It provides a double insulation of the front face and all indications remain visible and accessible. The control voltage of this motor mechanism module is 220VAC to 240VAC 50/60Hz or 208VAC to 277VAC 60Hz. The consumption is less than 500VA. Padlocking of the device remains possible. The motor mechanism is supplied with SDE adapter.


Product or component type

Motor mechanism

Device application

Automatic spring charging

Range compatibility

ComPacT new generation ComPacT NSX100 new generation

ComPacT new generation ComPacT NSX160 new generation

ComPact ComPact NSX100

ComPact ComPact NSX160

ComPact ComPacT NSX DC new generation NSX100 DC

ComPact ComPacT NSX DC new generation NSX160 DC

ComPact Compact NSX100 DC

ComPact Compact NSX160 DC

PowerPact Multistandard PowerPact Multistandard

EasyPact EasyPact CVS250

PowerPact PowerPact J

PowerPact PowerPact H

circuit breaker frame rated current

160 A

100 A

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