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Schneider Plug in Kit 4P 250A MCCB- LV429290


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Category: Accessories

Tags Schneider , Plug in Kit , MCCB , LV429290

Plug-in base kit - 4 poles



Part Number: LV429290


This is a plug-in kit for 4 poles Compact NSX 100/160/250 fixed circuit breakers. A plug-in configuration is made by adding a plug-in kit to a fixed Compact NSX device. This kit includes a plug-in base (LV429267), 4 power connections (LV429268), 2 short terminal shields (LV429516) and a safety trip interlock (LV429270). A plug-in configuration allows to install or extract rapidly and easily the circuit breaker from its base. This operation can be done without connecting or disconnecting the power circuit.

Product or component type

Plug-in kit

accessory / separate part category

Mounting accessory

Range compatibility

ComPact ComPact NSX100

ComPact ComPact NSX160

ComPact ComPact NSX250

ComPact Compact NSX100 DC

ComPact Compact NSX160 DC

ComPact Compact NSX250 DC

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