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RAE Systems MultiRAE Lite Pumped Portable Multi-gas Monitor - 10.6 eV PID / LEL / CO + H2S / SO2 / O2 / Li-ion- MAB3-A2C1R3E-020

Brand:RAE Systems

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RAE Systems MultiRAE Lite Pumped Portable Multi-gas Monitor - 10.6 eV PID / LEL / CO + H2S / SO2 / O2 / Li-ion


Brand: RAE Systems

Part Number: MAB3-A2C1R3E-020


The MultiRAE Lite is the optimal one-to-six1-gas monitor for personal protection and leak detection applications. The MultiRAE Lite is available in pumped and diffusion versions and features the broadest selection of sensor options in its class. The MultiRAE Lite can be configured to exactly meet the detection needs and compliance requirements of various countries, industries, and applications.



  • Chemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Oil and gas (downstream)
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunications
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Fire overhaul



Over 25 intelligent interchangeable field-replaceable sensors including PID for VOCs, electrochemical sensors for toxic gases and oxygen, combustible LEL and NDIR sensors, and CO2 NDIR sensor

Battery Options, Runtime and Recharge Time

- Rechargeable Li-ion ~12-hr. (pumped)/18-hr. (diffusion) runtime, < 6-hr. recharge time

- Extended duration Li-ion ~18-hr. (pumped)/28-hr. (diffusion) runtime, < 9-hr. recharge time

- Alkaline adapter with 4 x AA batteries ~6-hr. (pumped)/8-hr. (diffusion) runtime


Monochrome graphical LCD display (128 x 160) with backlighting. Automatic screen "flip" feature


Built-in pump or diffusion


Automatic with AutoRAE 2 Test and Calibration System or manual


Wireless remote alarm notification; audible (95 dB @ 30 cm), vibration, visible (flashing bright red LEDs), and on-screen indication of alarm conditions

- Man Down Alarm with pre-alarm and real-time remote wireless notification

Wireless Network

ProRAE Guardian Real-Time Wireless Safety System or EchoView Host-based Closed-Loop System

Operating Temperature

-4° to 122° F (-20° to 50° C)

Wireless Approvals

FCC Part 15, CE R&TTE, Others

Radio Module

Supports RM900A


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