PowerGenex SS2 Smart Valve Positioner Linear/Rotary – SS2

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PowerGenex SS2 Smart Valve Positioner Linear/Rotary – SS2

Brand: Power-Genex

Model: SS2

Smart performance with innovative and ever-strong coil module even under harsh working environments


  • Easy and quick auto-calibration
  • Detecting RA (reverse acting) or DA (direct acting) automatically regardless of wrong air connections
  • Available to use for single or double acting without any special adjustments
  • Compact design allowing to be installed on small actuators
  • Providing error messages against performance failures
  • Possible to test the actuator with any fixed signal under a test mode
  • Programmable characteristic curve with 17 points
  • Wide operating temperature range -40 ~ +80℃
  • Improved control of high-friction globe and ball valves by eliminating an overshoot and a hunting
  • Low air consumption
  • Providing a mounting bracket to meet IEC 60534-6-1 for linear valves
  • Supporting a NAMUR mounting pattern VDI/VDE 3845 (IEC 60534-6-2) and providing a multi-size mounting bracket for rotary valves
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