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MMC UTI 30m Gas Tight OXYGEN Gauging Unit- 2615XC30MBSxxx


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UTI 30m Gas Tight OXYGEN Gauging Unit


Brand: MMC

Part Number: 2615XC30MBSxxx

Display Readable Temperature Range


*Reading Limit Due to 3-1/3 Digit LCD Display on °F Range

°F = -40° to 199.9°*


°C = -40° to 150.0°

Guaranteed Temperature Calibration Range

32°F to 190°F


(0°C to 88°C)

Accuracy Over Calibration Range

±0.2°F (±0.1°C)

Accuracy Linear Measurements

±1/8” (±2.0 mm), Plus ±0.1%

of Total Tape Length, worst case

Minimum Detectable Tank Bottom Liquid Level

3/8” (10mm)

Minimum Detectable Floating Product Level

1/8” (3mm)


3-1/2″ Digit Liquid Crystal


Display 1/2” Character Height

Operating Temperature Limit of Liquid Crystal Display

-40°F to 176°F


-40°C to 80°

Storage Temperature Limits

-67°F to 185°F


-55°C to 85°C

Tape Length


Hazardous Environments

Certified Intrinsically Safe



Gas Groups C & D


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