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Leroy Somer Automatic Voltage Regulator – R449 AVR

Brand:Leroy Somer

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Leroy Somer Automatic Voltage Regulator – R449 AVR

Brand: Leroy Somer
Model: R449 AVR

The R449 automatic voltage regulator (AVR) for the LSA series of industrial alternators provides excitation current up to 7 A with excellent reliability for SHUNT, permanent magnet (PMG) or AREP excitation types.

R449 is an analog AVR It is designed for alternators with a AREP or PMG excitation. R449 controls the excitation current in order to maintain the output voltage of the alternator. R449 is performant in terms of voltage regulation, simple to set, to use and is reliable.It can run without LAM (U/f), or with LAM, selection is done by strap ST5.

The R 449 voltage regulator is of a shunt type. It is designed to fit as standard on A50 to A 54 alternators. It can be supplied with power either by a power VT, or by the AREP field excitation system, or by a single-phase or 3-phase PMG.

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