Kings KS73A Electronic Interface Module – KS73A-JS&DP

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Kings KS73A Electronic Interface Module – KS73A-JS&DP

Brand: Kings

Model: KS73A

Part Number: KS73A-JS&DP

KS73A which controller is adjusted rudder actuating cylinder is controlled vessel’s direction depending on vessel’s lever.

It is able to be used various lever by adjusting output value. There are four channels, and each channel can be selected lever.Also vessel directional control is able to be switched to external automatic navigation device via AP mode(Autopilot mode).

KS73A is available connected with Sewha CNM lever(KS71A) and actuating cylinder. Also KS73A is able to be linked with Steering Gear Panel named KS81F/KS81A of Sewha CNM

  • Power: DC24V Communication: CAN BUS
  • Temperature: -20℃ ~ 60℃
  • 4-20mA input & Solenoid adjustment (Relay)
  • Command (FU Lever) Max. 2 port / 4 channel
  • Max. 2 port Feed back
  • Autopilot mode (switched external automatic navigation device)
  • Easy to install and test
  • Error indicating (FND Display, Alarm)
  • Actuating cylinder return to center side automatically in error situation
  • Changeover spare lever automatically in error situation

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