Kings AL101 Steering Gear Alarm System – AL101-VDR

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Kings AL101 Steering Gear Alarm System – AL101-VDR

Brand: Kings

Model: AL101

Part Number: AL101-VDR

AL101 is integrated and intensive panel which can monitor variety events of steering gear in one panel, also it can be monitored PORT and STBD side information at the same time. AL101 has good durability by using high brightness LED, and it is able to adjust brightness.

It is easy to install AL101, because AL101 receive analog signal and convert into digital signal for transferring. AL101 series is consisted of AL101-ECR, AL101-FWD, AL101-AFT, and AL101-VDR. AL101-ECR & AL101-FWD are basic equipment, and AL101-AFT & AL101-VDR are optional items.

AL101-ECR & AL101-VDR are installed in engine room, and AL101-FWD & AL101-AFT are installed in bridge.

  • Power: DC24V
  • Communication: CAN BUS
  • Temperature: -20℃ ~ 60℃
  • PORT/STBD All-in-one total alarm solution
  • High brightness LED: Good durability
  • Adjust LED lamp brightness.

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