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Honest 3C X 2.5 SQMM Marine Cable - CJ86/SC


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3C X 2.5 SQMM Marine Cable


Brand: Honest

Model: CJ86/SC


CJ86/SC is low smoke zero halogen armored marine cable for power, lighting and control circuit on ship boards.


CJ86/SC is designed according to IEC 60092-353 standard with rating voltage 0.6/1kV and operating temperature up to 90℃.


CJ86/SC is also called TXOI, M2XCH, LKSM-HF, HF-CXOSA cable.


All these armored marine cable types are tinned copper wire conductor, XLPE insulation, tinned copper wire braided armored and PO SHF1 sheath.


Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) is commonly used as insulation in a marine shipboard cable.


XLPE is non-hygroscopic and a relatively pure polymer, even after prolonged exposure to moisture, its electrical properties are unimpaired.

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