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Gastron Safety Controller- ASC-100


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Safety Controller- ASC-100


Brand: Gastron

Model: ASC-100


  • Up to 10 channels of gas detector monitoring (4 ~ 20mA detection and 24V supply)
  • Expansion of additional 10 channels when using extension unit (monitoring up to 20 channels)
  • Relay, 4 ~ 20mA output function Individual module configuration
  • 10.1" touch screen with wide viewing angle and multi-language support
  • Intuitive user interface and alarm system configuration
  • Detector position and alarm status can be displayed using map monitoring mode
  • Detection channel log function and various event storage function
  • Material safety data sheet (MSDS) viewer for sensing gas
  • High output buzzer and user voice alarm function according to alarm occurrence
  • Various external interfaces such as TCP / IP and MODBUS
  • Provides earthquake alarm detection function (intensity 3 ~ 7)
  • Robust case construction and IP65 waterproof / dustproof


4-20mA output

4-20mA DC (2-wire) up to 10 channel with base unit

Operating Temperature

-10°C ~+55°C 

IP Grade


Relay Output

AC250V 5A,, DC30V 5A relay contact (SPDT)

Up to 20Channel with Base Unit, up to 40Channel with Expansion Unit



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