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Gastron Multi Channel Explosion Proof Type Gas Detector Receiver- GTC-200F


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Multi-Channel Explosion Proof Type Gas Detector Receiver- GTC-200F


Brand: Gastron

Model: GTC-200F


  • Usable in explosion hazardous area with flame proof structure
  • Integrated type receiver with built-in Microprocessor
  • Gas concentration display with 4-digit & Bar-graph (32 segment, 3-color LED)
  • 3-color display according to alarm stages (Green, Yellow, Red)
  • 3-stage alarm, 1-trouble LED display and relay contact output
  • Easy configuration of monitoring system with RS-485 Modbus isolated serial data communication (Option)
  • Programmable alarm setting (Level, Time delay)
  • Peak hold
  • Self-diagnosis
  • HVAC & DP Card Option




Operation display

8-LED (Power, 3-stage alarm, Trouble, Buzzer stop, PC & channel data communication)

6-LED (Power, 3-stage alarm, Trouble, Stand-by for maintenance)

Measuring display


4-Digit 0.315"FND

Measuring range


1-999 (programmable)/%LEL, ppm, %vol

Alarm display

Visual: 3-stage alarm, Trouble LED

Audible: buzzer

Visual: 3-stage alarm, Trouble LED


Alarm output signal

3-stage alarm, Trouble, Buzzer

AC250V 3A relay contact (SPOT)

3-Stage Alarm, Trouble/ AC250V 3A relay contact (SPDT)

Alarm level set


Programmable with in detection range

Input signal


4-20mA DC 2-wire or 3-wire)

Output signal

Isolated RS-485 Communication Modbus (option)

4-20mA DC

Reset signal

Reset switch and remote control

Reset switch

Program set mode


Alarm value (1,2,3 alarm) Alarm time (instant & delay) 1~30min Alarm dead band Relay output on/off

Operating temperature



Operating humidity

5-99% RH (non-condensing)

5-99% RH (non-condensing)

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