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Explosion Proof Light (220V, 60Hz) - CFY20-2

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Part Number: CFY20-2


CFY series of explosion-proof lights can be used reliably in the dangerous explosive place(zone 1, zone 2) with temperature group T1~T6, also fit the operation illumination in corrosive area. The shell adopts stainless steel or cast aluminum, and transparent lampshade adopts glass or polycarbonate.

They conform to IEC92-306-1980 standard, passed the examination of National Explosion-proof Test Center, and was approved by CCS(China Classification Society).The gland is copper ,screw is M24×1.5, fit for armored cable φ14-φ18mm (marine  fluorescent light, explosion proof light, ship light).


  • The body adopts good quality stainless steel, good quality PC lampside, with two glands, adopt fluorescent lamp.
  • The light adopts hang-type installation, and it is convenient to replace the light-tube etc.
  • The light body adopts seal structure, has high waterproof performance and anticorrosion performance.

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