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EMRI JS/DP – Automatic Positioning System with IMJ Panel


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Joystick/DP System with IMJ Panel

Brand: EMRI

EMRI JS/DP – Automatic Position Keeping for Safe And Efficient Maneuvering

Automatic and Manual Control

Flexible Console Design

Customizable Panel Options

Training Mode

Intuitive Operation

Limited Time needed for Sea Trial

Easy to Read High Brightness Display


The Joystick/Dynamic Positioning system is based on many years of experience with the design of intuitive and safe navigation equipment together with an extensive database of ship models. Every system is thoroughly tested at the factory before delivery, to ensure high-standard performance and to save valuable time during the sea trial. This is typically performed and approved with an onboard visit length of one or two days.


The JS/DP panel is designed with a programmable, high-brightness display with day and night view, which gives the navigator relevant information at all times during maneuvering with the easy-to-use automatic and manual control modes.



The Joystick/Dynamic Positioning System provides the navigator with a set of control features that are simple and safe to use.


Maneuver Control

Can be used for manual steering using the joystick when performing low-speed maneuvering e.g., in and out of ports. In order to assist the navigator, the system offers an Auto Heading feature and a Wind Correct feature. When activated, the vessel will automatically maintain the set heading and compensate for impacts caused by the wind.


DP Control

By the use of thrusters and rudders, the system ensures that the vessel will maintain a specific position when Dynamic Positioning is activated. In DP Control, the navigator can choose to use the Auto Heading feature, which will automatically keep the vessel at the specified heading or use the Wind Heading feature, to automatically set the vessel up against the wind in order to optimize fuel consumption during position keeping.


When in DP Control the navigator can plan the next maneuver by getting a visualization of the vessel’s movement before the plan is executed. A shadow vessel will be shown on the Dynamic Positioning display application using the actual vessel position as a reference.

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