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EMRI Auto Pilot- SEM300


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EMRI AUTOPILOT – Optimal Control for Safe And Efficient Steering

 The EMRI Autopilot SEM300 provides excellent quality in steering and control, with optimal routing and low fuel consumption as a result.

  • Type approved with Furuno FMD ECDIS, Track control
  • Adaptive Autopilot modes
  • Course Mode for automatic drift compensation
  • NAUT AW compliant with a standby unit
  • Curved EBL – shown on ECDIS
  • Alarm interface for Bridge Alarm Management
  • Intuitive operation
  • 6.5-inch TFT display with high luminance 


SEM300 is based on many years of experience in cost-efficient and safe Autopilot design. It is designed with a tiller on the control panel, where the navigator can directly change set point, both heading and radius. The panel is designed with push buttons that have an LED backlight and an LED lightbar above each button. The lightbar clearly indicates which mode is in use, so operation can be done safely. The navigator is never in doubt when an order is given due to the required actuation force of both tiller and pushbuttons.

To ensure the best experience and readability on the display at all times, the navigator can choose between day, dusk and night view.


SEM300 has two sets of adaptive modes to help with fuel efficiency and steering optimization. The Autopilot adapts its performance based on the choice made by the navigator.

Precise, Medium and Economy

Three options are available, depending on how tight the vessel needs to follow the set heading. Economy mode provides the most relaxed, fuel-saving heading control by minimizing the use of rudder movements.

Loaded, Medium and Light

Three options are available, depending on the vessel´s loaded condition. The Autopilot will automatically optimize the steering based on the chosen condition. 

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