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Contrinex NPN Proximity Switch – DW-AD-621-M18


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Contrinex NPN Proximity Switch – DW-AD-621-M18

Brand: Contrinex
Part Number: DW-AD-621-M18

Contrinex Inductive Sensors provide significantly more stability with respect to environmental influences and temperatures than other leading sensor manufacturers.

The improved stability of Contrinex Sensors permit the sensing points to be further away, allowing for longer operating distances. The Contrinex range of inductive sensors all include metal units which are particularly useful in harsh environments or when switches are subject to collisions with other objects.

DW-AS-621-M18 is an inductive proximity sensor with housing size M18, housing material nickel-plated brass, and operating distance of 8mm. Mounting type is embeddable with NPN polarity (normally open output) and Standard-output interface. Connection is M12, 4 pins and max switching frequency of 1500 Hz.


  • Increased operating distance of 8mm.
  • Housing length 50 mm (cable) / 63.5 mm (connector), cylindrical M18, nickel-plated brass.
  • Supply voltage 10 … 30 VDC, output current 200mA.
  • LED, protections against short-circuits, induced over-voltages and power supply reversal built-in.
  • PNP and NPN, N.O. and N.C. executions.

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