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Consilium NS-AH/CS Salwico Heat Detector - N11232


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Heat Detector - N11232


Brand: Consilium

Part Number: N11232

Model: Salwico


NS-AH/CS Salwico Heat Detector - N11232


The Salwico NS-AH/CS (N11232) is an analogue addressable Heat Detector for use in addressable Fire Alarm Systems. The NS-AH/CS has a pre-programmed static alarm level of 84°C and also gives a rate of rise pre-alarm.


This low profile Heat Detector uses a high quality electronic sensing element of low thermal mass, which gives a very accurate and fast temperature reading. The temperature can be displayed on the fire alarm panel. When the Salwico NS-AH/CS is in alarm condition, a red LED on the Detector will be lit. The LED will remain lit until the alarm has been reset.

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