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CAT Potentiometer 122-9458


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SKU: 122-9458

Category: Potentiometer

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Potentiometer 122-9458

Brand: CAT
Part Number: 122-9458


Height (in): 9.5
Length (in): 15.8


Cat components make certain that your equipment is operating at an optimal level. Cat potentiometers act as variable resistors that operators control with a rotational input from a control knob to achieve desired effects of electrical systems on Cat heavy equipment.


  • Potentiometer that freely rotates
  • Inch mounting hardware
  • Designed to work in unison with the rest of your Cat components to ensure maximum potential of your equipment.


Potentiometers are used to affect electronics with high sensitivity on Cat heavy equipment. Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat dealer for more information. Cat components can operate in heavy-duty applications such as severe vibration, shock, extreme operating temperature ranges, thermal cycle, thermal shock, humidity, corrosion and excessive dust.

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