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Autonics Digital Panel Rate/ RPM Meter - MP5W-4N


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Digital Panel Rate/ RPM Meter


Brand: Autonics

Part Number: MP5W-4N


Display method: 5-digit 7-segment LED

Character height: 14mm

Max. display Range: -19999 to 99999

Measurement: 16 operation modes: Frequency, Revolutions, Speed, Cycle, Time, Ratio, Density, Error, Length measurement, Interval, Accumulation, Addition/Subtraction, etc.

Measurement range: 0.0005Hz to 50kHz, 0.01 to max. of each time range, 0 to 99999, -19999 to 99999

Input method: Voltage input (PNP), No-voltage input (NPN)

Power supply: 100-240VAC~ 50/60Hz

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