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Aquametro VZF II 25 FL 130/25 Oil Flow Meter- 95528


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Electronic Oil Flow Meter with Display



Model: VZF II 25 FL 130/25

Part Number: 95528





Display of total volume, resettable

trip volume (up to 8 totalizers,

4 of resettable), flow rate,

temperature, mass and normalized

volume in m3, liters, US gallons or

tons, kilograms and pounds.

Programmable outputs.

Nominal diameter:DN 25mm

Flange: DN 25 with special drilling

Nominal pressure: PN 25bar

Installation length:190mm

Installation position: horiz / vert

Temperature, max.:130°C

Measuring range:75...3000l/h

Max. continuous flow:2000l/h

Max. deviation: ±1% of value

Repeatability: ±0.2%

Registration capacity:100Mio

LCD display: 8 positions, 8mm high

Outputs:1 analog and 2 digital

Analog: 4...20mA

Digital Pulse, Frequency, Logic

Nominal voltage: 24V DC

Power supply via 4...20mA: 6...30V DC

Protection class: IP66/IP68/IP69

Ambient temperature: -25...+70°C


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