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ABB Soft Starter 100-240VAC 110.0KW/130HP- 1SFA897112R7001


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SOFT STARTER 100-240VAC 110.0KW/130HP


Brand: ABB

Part Number: 1SFA897112R7001

Product Type: PSE210-600-70-1


Rated Operational Voltage

208 ... 600 V AC

Rated Control Supply Voltage (Us)

100 ... 250 V AC

Rated Control Circuit Voltage (Uc)

24 V DC

Overload Protection

Built-in electronic overload protection

Adjustable Rated Motor Current Ie

30 ... 100 %



Degree of Protection


Connecting Capacity Main Circuit

Hole Diameter 8.5 mm

Rigid 1/2 x 2.5 ... 70 mm²

Width and Thickness 17.5x5 mm

Ambient Air Temperature

Operation -25 ... +60 °C

Storage -40 ... +70 °C

Object Classification Code



The softstarter PSE210-600-70-1 has a rated maximum operational current of 210 A with an operating voltage span from 208...600 V AC. The rated control voltage is between 100...250 V AC at 50/60 Hz. PSE features a two-phase control with a soft start and stop through a voltage or a torque ramp. It has built-in bypass for easy installation and energy saving. A RUN, TOR, and Event signal is available from a relay output in NO (normally open state). The PSE has functions such as current limit, kickstart, analog output, EOL, underload, and locked rotor protection. To interact with PSE, it has an Illuminated display that uses symbols to become language neutral. As an option, you can add an identical external keypad with a rating of IP66. There are three ways to communicate with PSE. It can be done by hardwire inputs Start/Stop or by Reset of fault. Another popular option is the built-in fieldbus communication Modbus RTU. You can also use an external adaptor and a Fieldbus plug. PSE is a true general pur­pose softstarter. It’s a perfect balance be­tween high starting capacity and cost effi­ciency. Very suitable for small to medium-sized three-phase motors with nominal currents from 18...370 A. Typical applications are, for example, pumps, fans, compressors, and conveyors.

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